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The glitz of Hollywood, the mystery of a man-hunt, the rush of excitement Holy Moly, its the Bat Signal, Bruce!!! Sky Trackers, more commonly known as searchlights or sky lights, are an exciting and eye catching way to bring business to your doorstep. These big bold spot lights create amazing effects in the night sky, and can be seen for miles, drawing the curious and the customers from all around the radius of your business.

A-1 Balloon Rentals buys, sells and rents several name brand skylights such as SkyTracker, Sky Cannon, AD Light, Beam Dancer, and Sky Rose just to name a few. We also stock searchlight parts so if something wears out, weve got your back. Replacement parts and searchlight help is at your fingertips. Having trouble identifying a part? Call us for help and for a complete list of prices. Dont have a spotlight? Call us today for prices and availability.
search light parts



Search Light Parts Available:

  • Xenon lamps

  • Xenon bulb

  • Power supply

  • Ballast

  • Bulb

  • HMI bulb

  • HMI lamp

  • 2k light

  • 2000 watt light

  • 4k light

  • 4000 watt light

  • searchlight bulbs650 HMI

  • 800 HMI

  • Spot light

  • Lens

  • Caps

  • Mirror

  • Contactor

  • Fuses

  • ITI lamp

  • Switch

  • Resistors










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Skytracker Parts